Thursday, 11 August 2011

almost ready for halloween autumn fall festivities :-)

my halloween autumn fall collection comprises of Ghosts, Witches, Wizards, Halloweeny colourways, apples, cats and other funky ness.. ive loved making these lil cuties, and all can be bought or ordered through my shop :-)

Sunday, 24 July 2011

10% off ready to ship items in my shop :-) and new Hat Collection perfect for halloween, photo props, unusual gifts parties.. ohhhh ooodles of uses for such jaw droppingly gawjuss wooly things :-)

Its my little ladys 1st birthday on Tuesday and to celebrate ive created a 10% discount code for my etsy shop.. LOTS of gorgeous ready made hats and even a couple of pairs of flip flops left too!! 

to get your 10% off enter 10PERCENT just before you checkout with paypal.. Enjoy :-)

Friday, 15 July 2011

Custom owl Hat WINNER!! Well done Rachel!!! :-)

Evening all :-)

so theres a total of 64 entries into my giveaway.. thank you! I entered 1-64 in a random number generator... and.... the result was.... number 11!!! which is a lovely lady called Rachel, im so glad you won as i know youve had your eyes on my hats hehe.. look forward to you telling me what style owlie hat youd like making up etc and handing over too you :-)

thanks again to everyone that took part!

keep eyes peeled for more fabby giveaways soon Claire xoxoox

Friday, 8 July 2011

Custom Owl Hat Giveaway celebrating reaching 4310 fans :-) and also get 20% off my shop items!!!!

Hello All, so as promised heres my owl hat giveaway, entry is simple, and so its not too easy theres a couple of lil catches :D you just need to make sure youve liked both my facebook pages (claires hooked on crochet and cutie pi props) links can be found on the bottom of this post.. that more for your benefit than mine so you dont miss out on any of my offers as i will be doing individual promos for each page :D ..... once youve liked just comment under here with your name and email address so i can easily contact you back :D easy peasy!!

(or email me if you cant comment under here...) 

now then.. if your thinking hell i want one of those cuties! well you can because the giveway item can be any size from 0-3 months to adult!! and if you think well.. im into blue owls, grey owls, brown owls.. thats cool too coz you also get to pick the colourways :-) only things that are unchangeable are fact it has to be an owl hat and made in acrylic yarn everything else is upto you :-)

.....And as im feeling extra generous until monday morning you can also grab 20% off items in my etsy shop.. this does not include custom items im afraid... My Etsy Shop go have a nosey... i may have something thats totally perfect for you or you little ones :D coupon code is FRIEND20 enter at checkout to get 20% knocked off.. wahoooo!! enjoy <3

my crochet page :-)

Cutie Pi Props page :-)

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Etsy Feedback :)

ok, so ive finally tidied up my esy store :D

would love some feedback please... dont forget to leave your contact details also as each entry shall be in with a chance of winning one of my 0-3 months fluff bears hats <3 yommy!!!

Sunday, 19 June 2011

sorry ive been quiet.... been making newborn photography props amongst other sizes :)

super sorry for not posting for a few months... eee funny how time flys when your having fun :)

ive been working on a new page on facebook here a link

also used (and fallen in love with) hand spun and dyed wool oh my its lush!! just a shame about the price of it :(

anyhoo heres a few piccys of new things ive made.. what do we think?!

Monday, 18 April 2011

Free crochet pattern - easter basket - perfect for those egg hunts!

To make this basket youll need..

-6mm crochet hook
-chunky weight yarn
-wool needle

ok so this is a very basic pattern a newbie too crochet should be able to complete, if however you get stuck ill happily help out :) i hope it all makes sense too..

I started with a magic circle..
sc 6 in magic circle, 2sc in each of the next 6 sc (total of 12 sc) 

*sc, 2sc in next sc* repeat this sequence 6x for a total of 18 sc.
*sc 2, 2 sc in next sc* repeat sequence 6x for a total of 24sc
*sc 3, 2sc in next sc repeat from * 5 more times (30 sc) 
*sc 4, 2sc in next sc repeat from * 5 more times (36)

now i stopped inc here as this was the size i wanted but of course you can carry on inc to make your basket larger... my baskets turned out approx 12" around.

slip stitch into next sc, chain 2, Dc in each Sc around then slip stitch into first 2 chain**repeat until your basket in the length you desire** i added 4 dc rows. once basket is length youd like do not fasten off as you now need to make your handle :)

to make the handle i ch 1, then 3 hdc, ch 1 turn 3 hdc **repeat until handle is desired length** 

once handle is long enough for you youll need to fasten on to the other side of basket.. for this i simple held the strap against the side and then sc across to fasten. now fasten off turn your bag inside out and ta da :)

now for the flower.. youll need a magic circle again, then sc 5x, ch1 4 dc in same stitch ch1 slip stitch, repeat around.. hope that makes sense :)

Saturday, 16 April 2011

an almost easter update :)

well ive had a super busy time of late making up new creations and running around after my little monkeys i thought id best give you an update :)

So past couple of weeks ive made up a spongebob, french toast, a baby dolly, a spaghetti dolly and a lil ducky.. heres a quick pic.. 

ive got lots of hats to make up next couple of weeks but hopefully at weekends ill be able to add to my toast kawaii idea.. 

was quite shocked last night at how far ive progressed after teaching myself crochet.. as i quite literally was trying to think of something cute to make and toast came into my head afetr seeing some lovely fimo toast the other day and then i though OMG i NEED to make some french toast and it literally just happened im loving my new creative confidence :) and after seeing how mr spongebob has turned out im super happy as all i used to make him was a few pictures of nicktoons :)

anyhoo best fly gots to go wool shopping :D :D :D

Monday, 4 April 2011

cheeky hello kitty!!

oh my look what cheeky kittie did this morning while i was snapping the flower grass blanket ive made... she jumped out of my made box and sat here self right in the middle and said 'ahhhhhh'' hehe :)

Friday, 18 March 2011

this week has mainly been about the COCOON!!

well as title suggests ive made lots of new newborn baby photography prop cocoons (try saying that with a mouth full of hob nobs!!) and me loves them muchly.. especially the yarn i chose to make them up in... tis nommy!!!

WABBIT wabbit WABBIT wabbit :)

Ello Everyone :)

well what a fabby week ive had!! super busy with orders but managed to squeeze in some new makes inc some lush cocoons.. and my latest design a rabbit hat hehe tis super cute!

heres a piccy of Patricia trying it on for size.. id say teeny bit big but she loves it!!

Saturday, 5 March 2011

........Is going to give knitting a go!! watch this space :)

Hello all!! well i got a free beginner knitting pack in a recent craft magazine and was looking through the patterns last night and i think im going to give knitting a try... so watch this space im sure what i make will be very amusing hehe  xx

keep calm and put cbeebies on...

Im having a rather stressful day today thanks to my children waking up in shocking moods, not sure whether theyre teething or ill or maybe just having an off day. 

So my plans for today have now gone out the window (not that i had too much planned :)) as im needed for extra cuddles (hope doesnt sound like i dont enjoy them hehe) 

well saying that ive done my Gillian Mckeith workout for the third day running so quite happy about that, think i enjoy doing hers more than Davina! I must like the tough love approach/kick up the bum. 

I did a teeny bit of Crochet last night.. made Keira a new headband and started a pouch to use in her changing bag to keep all the little bit in as fed up of having to fish in bottom for aggggeslookig for tissues and such by time ive got them the snot is all over face, hand clothes etc hehe.. 

hope your all having a fabby weekend oxoxo

Friday, 4 March 2011

Mr Tumble!!

I just had to make my son a Mr Tumble last night, has fabby! and yet to be put down by Dylan...

Thursday, 3 March 2011

new jack skellington bags

Well ive finally got around to making some smaller bags, also experimented with different sized jack faces too :) 

I made to messenger style, and one more like a buttoned case for storing make up or other smallish stuff well i say small it is quite roomy :)

Im also trying to decide on a pattern to write up and put on here so if anybody has any requests thatd would help maybe.. 

the suns out here so going to get ready to go for a walk with my two kiddies have a fabby day all :) 

oh and heres my new jack bags!

Friday, 25 February 2011

promo winners monster!

hello from the mad house!

well just finished the monster picked by 'kellyjo' and will be posting out to her on tuesday (i avoid my post office like the plague on a mondays as long queues and stroppy babies are not a good combo :))

anyhoo heres a piccy :) i think its turned out looking a little cockey looking what do you think?

Sunday, 20 February 2011

winner of my competition!!

just entered all 50 odd names into random name generator and winner is kelly jo!!

well done! and thanks to everyone for netering, was lovely hearing your thoughts on my work :D

Thursday, 17 February 2011

quick update :)


well as sure youll gather ive been super dooper busy past few weeks and trying to get through my last lot of orders before i get a couple weeks chill time :D

im working on some hats ive not yet made so excited to see how they all turn out :)

also making up my baby girly some hats that she can model (hopefully) her 6-9 month hat i made at christmas is finally fitting her now (shes got a teeny head) heres a piccy of my little lady taken this afternoon :)

here is a hat i made for a friends new baby, its the smallest hat ive made to date, baby was 4lb!

Sunday, 16 January 2011


PLEASE NOTE THE COMPETITION IS ENDING THIS SUNDAY (20TH FEB) AT 8PM. remember to leave contact details along with your entry so i can let you know youve won fankoooo xx

well i finally got to 1200 likes on my facebook page yeyyy!! which i think is pretty good seeing as ive only been on their few teeny months!!  :) and to say fankooo im doing a giveaway!! alls you have to do is comment under this post telling me what is your favorite creation of mine and why (probably best to have a good nose through my page on fb ;)) .. easy peasy!! all names will be entered into a name drawer online and the winner will get to pick theyre very own monster for me to make up :) they can pick a style already created or think up their own design, this monster will be bigger than normal to make it extra special! and you can name it whatever you like alls i ask is that you look after 'it' like you would a toddler, time out and tut tuts may be needed to tame the lil crochet beast but im sure you can handle it ;) peace out Claire xoxo

If you dont have a blog account send you entry to and ill pop it on here for you! please include your name for me too thanks xx

and dont forget to 'like' my facebook page!! currently on 2144 likes!! :D eppppps!!

Sunday, 2 January 2011

Ello ello!

My name is Claire, firstly I'm a mummy to two rather cheeky children Dylan and Keira they're my life and everything i do is for them... hence Claire's Crochet a hobby which has now turned into something much bigger and better enabling me to stay at home with my tots in the day and earn pennies crocheting while they sleep at night :) but the most amazing thing for me is how much i love creating things.. my head is full to busting with ideas all I'm lacking is time but slowly working through my list of to dos :)

i make pretty much anything from a cute baby hat to a plastic carrier bag holder, my current favourite Creation's are a jack skellington bag and some mini monsters sometimes i do struggle parting with things Ive made to order but i just comfort myself with the thought that they're going to a new home and will be looked after immensely. i also design and make character dolls, Tinkerbell, a hula doll, a very tall dolly with removable dress and shoes.. my list is actually endless.. i will slowly add all my work onto here to show you but am off to bed night x