Friday, 18 March 2011

this week has mainly been about the COCOON!!

well as title suggests ive made lots of new newborn baby photography prop cocoons (try saying that with a mouth full of hob nobs!!) and me loves them muchly.. especially the yarn i chose to make them up in... tis nommy!!!

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  1. I have made baby items for over 45 years and a few things I have learned are:,,,,,,,,you have to be aware of yarn that is fluffy because they may inhale the tiny particals, ,,,they put everything in there mouth,,,. You have to be aware of small items on the garment that can come off for them to put in their mouth and choke on. you have to be aware of strings they could get tangled around their necks and strangle themselfs with,, you have to be carefull of items with lose patterns that they could get their fingers and toes even arems and legs in,, they could twist wrong and break a finger or arm,,,, it has all happenend before