Sunday, 16 January 2011


PLEASE NOTE THE COMPETITION IS ENDING THIS SUNDAY (20TH FEB) AT 8PM. remember to leave contact details along with your entry so i can let you know youve won fankoooo xx

well i finally got to 1200 likes on my facebook page yeyyy!! which i think is pretty good seeing as ive only been on their few teeny months!!  :) and to say fankooo im doing a giveaway!! alls you have to do is comment under this post telling me what is your favorite creation of mine and why (probably best to have a good nose through my page on fb ;)) .. easy peasy!! all names will be entered into a name drawer online and the winner will get to pick theyre very own monster for me to make up :) they can pick a style already created or think up their own design, this monster will be bigger than normal to make it extra special! and you can name it whatever you like alls i ask is that you look after 'it' like you would a toddler, time out and tut tuts may be needed to tame the lil crochet beast but im sure you can handle it ;) peace out Claire xoxo

If you dont have a blog account send you entry to and ill pop it on here for you! please include your name for me too thanks xx

and dont forget to 'like' my facebook page!! currently on 2144 likes!! :D eppppps!!

Sunday, 2 January 2011

Ello ello!

My name is Claire, firstly I'm a mummy to two rather cheeky children Dylan and Keira they're my life and everything i do is for them... hence Claire's Crochet a hobby which has now turned into something much bigger and better enabling me to stay at home with my tots in the day and earn pennies crocheting while they sleep at night :) but the most amazing thing for me is how much i love creating things.. my head is full to busting with ideas all I'm lacking is time but slowly working through my list of to dos :)

i make pretty much anything from a cute baby hat to a plastic carrier bag holder, my current favourite Creation's are a jack skellington bag and some mini monsters sometimes i do struggle parting with things Ive made to order but i just comfort myself with the thought that they're going to a new home and will be looked after immensely. i also design and make character dolls, Tinkerbell, a hula doll, a very tall dolly with removable dress and shoes.. my list is actually endless.. i will slowly add all my work onto here to show you but am off to bed night x