Sunday, 2 January 2011

Ello ello!

My name is Claire, firstly I'm a mummy to two rather cheeky children Dylan and Keira they're my life and everything i do is for them... hence Claire's Crochet a hobby which has now turned into something much bigger and better enabling me to stay at home with my tots in the day and earn pennies crocheting while they sleep at night :) but the most amazing thing for me is how much i love creating things.. my head is full to busting with ideas all I'm lacking is time but slowly working through my list of to dos :)

i make pretty much anything from a cute baby hat to a plastic carrier bag holder, my current favourite Creation's are a jack skellington bag and some mini monsters sometimes i do struggle parting with things Ive made to order but i just comfort myself with the thought that they're going to a new home and will be looked after immensely. i also design and make character dolls, Tinkerbell, a hula doll, a very tall dolly with removable dress and shoes.. my list is actually endless.. i will slowly add all my work onto here to show you but am off to bed night x


  1. I love the little Monsters ... can't wait for mine to arrive :)
    Congratulations on your new Blog.

  2. Hi, lovely start to your blog. I really want to learn to crochet but it looks quite complicated.

  3. fankoo ladies :) lindsey give it a go!! i taught myself 6 months later here i am! am at it every night so wouldnt like to add up total hours spent with hook in hand but honestly think its best past time ever!! will be posting more when im not so busy with orders.. if that ever happens lols xx