Saturday, 5 March 2011

keep calm and put cbeebies on...

Im having a rather stressful day today thanks to my children waking up in shocking moods, not sure whether theyre teething or ill or maybe just having an off day. 

So my plans for today have now gone out the window (not that i had too much planned :)) as im needed for extra cuddles (hope doesnt sound like i dont enjoy them hehe) 

well saying that ive done my Gillian Mckeith workout for the third day running so quite happy about that, think i enjoy doing hers more than Davina! I must like the tough love approach/kick up the bum. 

I did a teeny bit of Crochet last night.. made Keira a new headband and started a pouch to use in her changing bag to keep all the little bit in as fed up of having to fish in bottom for aggggeslookig for tissues and such by time ive got them the snot is all over face, hand clothes etc hehe.. 

hope your all having a fabby weekend oxoxo

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