Saturday, 16 April 2011

an almost easter update :)

well ive had a super busy time of late making up new creations and running around after my little monkeys i thought id best give you an update :)

So past couple of weeks ive made up a spongebob, french toast, a baby dolly, a spaghetti dolly and a lil ducky.. heres a quick pic.. 

ive got lots of hats to make up next couple of weeks but hopefully at weekends ill be able to add to my toast kawaii idea.. 

was quite shocked last night at how far ive progressed after teaching myself crochet.. as i quite literally was trying to think of something cute to make and toast came into my head afetr seeing some lovely fimo toast the other day and then i though OMG i NEED to make some french toast and it literally just happened im loving my new creative confidence :) and after seeing how mr spongebob has turned out im super happy as all i used to make him was a few pictures of nicktoons :)

anyhoo best fly gots to go wool shopping :D :D :D

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  1. i love the little french toast he is so cute..